High-level logistics support for the ever-growing automotive industry

A key industry in many countries worldwide. We at Nippon Express design high-dimensional global-level supply chain logistics for OEM manufacturers and automotive parts manufactures involved in high-efficiency production (Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.). We provide full support for sustained growth in the automotive industry with our continued QCD based improvement activities.

Largest Automotive Component Logistics Solution Provider in Asia

Providing Sophisticated Logistics Solutions to the automotive industry worldwide

In addition to established areas in Asia, such as Japan, China, India and ASEAN nations, all of which are achieving remarkable levels of growth, we ensure Just-In-Time deliveries through strategically positioned JIT warehouses in North America, Mexico and Europe.
We have created an automotive component Logistics network on a global scale in areas where the automotive industry is concentrated.

Total support optimizing just-in-time logistics and procurement schemes for the entire automotive industry

Accounting for factory production requirements and regional characteristics we provide optimal logistics schemes for production plants. To this end, we match optimal sequenced deliveries with procurement methods such as Milk-run collections and strategically positioned JIT warehouses matched with long-distance transportation.

Parts Consolidation Centers and seamless Cross boarder logistics supporting the global procurement of mass-produced components

We act as agents gathering orders from factories worldwide on behalf of OEM manufacturers, and then issue these orders to several hundred suppliers. We create container loading plans that maximize transportation efficiency and reduce costs through our Parts Consolidation Centers. We perform delivery period management to ensure timely delivery to individual factories. In addition, we provide full support for the global procurement of mass-produced parts delivering parts from South Korea and China to Japan using RORO ships, and seamlessly streamlining logistics schemes of parts across Thailand, Malaysia, Europe and China, using international railway services.

LLP model that optimizes the automotive industry supply chain

Based on your needs, we also offer consulting, not only accelerating “Kaizen (Improvement)” of QCD of current logistics schemes, but also suggesting supply chain design including locations, inventory quantity and stock keeping points that optimize logistics schemes.

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