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A wide range of bespoke Logistics Solutions to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your supply chain. 3i LOGISTICS has been amongst the leading supply chain service providers offering tailor-made solutions to our clients. With our core competencies as global 3PL and 4PL logistics service providers, we offer end-to- end long-term solutions to manage and control the entire value chain between suppliers, manufacturers, traders and customers.

Our Strength Lies in Providing High-Speed and High-Quality Air Freight

State-of-the-Art Facilities and High-Quality Operations

Our stable space supply capabilities and high-quality operations, from shipping through to delivery, enables safe and consistent air freight services.
We are also able to provide transportation services for all aspects of shipping and delivery optimized for our customers’ business needs. These include high-security facilities and a diverse range of transportation modes based on appropriate levels of compliance with logistics and customs procedures.

A Comprehensive Global Network Covering All Operations

Our overwhelming global network consisting of more than 1,000 routes together with state-of-the-art logistics facilities located throughout the world allows us to consistently provide our own style of high-quality operations and detailed lead-time management.
Making the best possible use of our expansive knowledge of import and export systems and customs procedures at all shipping and delivery locations also enables us to provide full support for our customers’ global business affairs.

Diverse Range of Transportation Services and Solutions Catering to Customer Needs

We provide a wide range of solutions that cater to customer requirements in such areas as providing optimal temperature-controlled transportation for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other commodities that require stringent quality control, and vibration-proofed services that greatly alleviate the effects of shocks and vibrations during transportation.

Our air freight service includes

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