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Global expansion of logistics services and service quality for fashion/distribution retail industry chiefly cultivated in Japan

By capitalizing on our extremely versatile and highly efficient logistics know-how in Japan, we will expand our supply chain logistics throughout various regions of the world by securing the essential components for fashion/distribution retail industry which are “procurement” ⇒ “distribution center” ⇒ “delivery” wherever customer plans to operate.


Proposal of our logistics services for fashion/distribution retail industry will take into account of local conditions and circumstances for countries that are been considered.

Logistics based on extensive insight of characteristics and conditions for countries been considered

Costs relating to labor and transportation will greatly vary between different regions and nations. In this regard, not only will Nippon Express introduce high quality of service that is synonymous with our domestic services to the overseas market, we will customize and tailor its services in alignment with logistics conditions and cost structures that is unique to the region of operation. In addition to allowing us to create an optimal logistics plan, we can further expand on our partnership where we can provide proposals for customer’s future growth plans whether that is store expansion and/or opening of new stores as well as for an original launch. We will also actively introduce the usage of IoT, robotics and other leading-edge technologies as needs arise.

Total support optimizing just-in-time logistics and procurement schemes for the entire automotive industry

Accounting for factory production requirements and regional characteristics we provide optimal logistics schemes for production plants. To this end, we match optimal sequenced deliveries with procurement methods such as Milk-run collections and strategically positioned JIT warehouses matched with long-distance transportation.

Realization of supply chain logistics by various transport methods

Our logistics services by air, maritime and/or by land with our overseas network for procurement, delivery, trilateral transport connecting various regions of the world will be seamless. By reducing logistics costs with buyers-consolidation and other such initiatives, we are committed to supporting your entire supply chain.

Advanced operation improvement

To effectively operate a warehouse (storage facility) with a wealth of SKUs, which is the vital feature of the fashion/distribution retail industry, we employ various analysis systems to ensure efficient operations. Furthermore to ensure continual improvements we will, for example, gauge distances walked during picking has been minimized, utilize video analysis, and to bring overall standardization of operation which will result in reduction of logistics costs.


Analysis of accumulated data

3i logistics carefully analyzes shipping record data on a regular basis to decipher shipping trends such as number of SKUs per order and items that are been shipped at higher frequencies. We continue to seek for an accurate understanding of situations with our customers so to accommodate customer’s logistical needs thereby contributing to the realization of our customers’ growth plan.

Horizontal expansion of our logistics services and its quality of service throughout the world

By partnering with Nippon Express, our customers will be able to utilize logistics system that has been developed (whether that is in quality control and/or operation system) for their own strategy for horizontal expansion into other parts of the world. As a global logistics expert, Nippon Express is committed to providing valuable logistics support for your global expansion plans.



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