Delivering food safety with peace of mind, with a fully developed land, sea and air network.

We provide a broad range of services transporting food, which is the source of productive lifestyles, within your country and between other countries. Our global network enables us to handle food in a intermodal style with regard to shipping and delivery. We are also able to provide temperature-controlled management for fresh produce, etc., for items and areas* that require it.


Main Advantages of Our Food Transportation Services

Global Network

Our 732 branches in 309 cities spread between 48 countries/regions throughout the world enable use to accept responsibility for providing safe transportation services, from shipping through to delivery.

Diversified Transportation Modes

The combination of optimal transportation modes split between truck freight, rail freight, ocean freight and air freight reduces distribution costs and contributes to increasing efficiency within our customers’ supply chains.

Supporting Freshness Retention

The use of newly-developed high-performance temperature retaining containers enables us to able to provide services that ensure that fish and other such produce transported from Japan to overseas nations arrives fresh. We also use refrigerated containers for transporting produce that requires temperature control.

Our Food Transportation Services includes

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