Heavy Haulage & Construction

We can handle various special cargoes in all Ranges

we can transport and install large equipment for various projects worldwide. The vast fleet of special vehicles and construction equipment with high-tech systems provide an integrated service for these projects, handling everything from the transportation of heavyweight equipment and components to on-site assembly, erection, and construction. The division also provides shut-down maintenance services for refineries and petrochemical plants.

Key benefits of our Heavy Haulage & Construction service

Supporting Large-Scale Projects in All Areas of the World

We transport heavy construction machinery and support large projects around the world by, for example, transporting 3,000-ton modules by sea.

We handle entire projects, from the transportation of diverse goods and equipment through to installation and construction. We provide special trailers for transporting very large transformers, crawler cranes capable of lifting as much as 1,250 tons, and transporters that carry up to 7,000 tons.

Optimal Logistics Solutions

Project Partner – Today more than before, businesses are required to ‘beat the clock’ on an almost constant basis. So the next time you’re starting up a new project, call us. We will provide you with an optimized logistic solution to the needs of the project in no time at all.


Overseas Branches

NEX GLOBAL ENGINEERING PTE LTD. was established in 2016 in Singapore to act as one of the branches for integrating overseas projects. In addition to integrating the branches in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, it is also capable of responding to all worldwide projects from its base in Southeast Asia.


Heavy Haulage & Construction includes

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