Information Systems

We offer an optimized information system based on our exhaustive knowledge of distribution.

We have created the WMS system and other systems containing a diversified range of achievements and abundant know-how to help us respond to customer logistic requirements, enabling warehousing information, delivery information, shipping information, transportation information and other information to be checked.

Integrated Website (SHUTTLE)

The SHUTTLE System offers customers access to screens enabling them to reference inventory, cargo receipt, and cargo shipping information from business locations across the globe via special user IDs and passwords. In addition, it also offers one-stop tracing function regardless of transportation mode.

Worldwide Information System (NEWINS)

Through our worldwide online communication and server network we are able to offer our overseas subsidiaries comprehensive support from freight information to accounting systems.

Global Warehouse Management System (REWARDS)

REWARDS is a global warehouse management system in operation in all regions of the world. This enables us to unify the management of warehouses throughout the world so that we are able to provide detailed and accurate logistics business.

Global Supply Chain Process Management System (v-PROCESS)

v-PROCESS is the standard tool of status management for global supply chain covering multiple relevant enterprises.

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