Railway Industry Logistics

Your sustainable logistics partner in the railway industry

3i Logistics will optimize your supply chain logistics, transportation for overseas projects and establish a maintenance logistics schemes enabling you to concentrate on production.

Our Service Line-up

Optimization of Your Global Supply Chain

  • Supply chain logistics visualization system
  • Optimization of expediting (supplier delivery management) and parts collection networks
  • Intermodal transport, through trucking, air and ocean freight and finance services
  • High-quality warehouse management services include Vendor-managed inventory (VMI), kitting service, just-in-time delivery and in-plant logistics
  • Packaging improvement and outsourced in-plant logistics
  • Continuous improvement of safety, quality and productivity by KPI management with ICT

Supporting Global Projects

  • Solid expertise in transporting railway industry project cargoes
    Rolling stock, railgrinders, and other railway carriages
    Infrastructural components, such as rails, signaling equipment, telecoms
    Electrical appliances, components
  • We have more than 600 branches in 42 countries/regions, and can provide warehousing with our own warehouse management system
  • We offer a visualization system integrating multiple transporters/forwarders as 4PL to provide total logistics for overseas projects

Comprehensive Maintenance logistics support

  • We can manage issuing spare parts orders and delivery from suppliers
  • re-export/re-import control and transport status management for repair and service parts
  • Warehousing and stock control of repair and service parts


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